From Tlakville with love and Style issue 02 -18 May 2020

From Tlakville with love and Style issue 02        -18 May 2020 picture

FUNFLAVA"Xiboheleri meaning and how it Influenced the making of FFJ Logo !!!! Know more !!!

Early in the year 2012,I was that kat who use to like the Groove so much,still f**k with it even now and of course was always on my A game in and around fashion circles  ,This was the very same  year I started working at the one of the Biggest Groceries Distribution Centre in the land,So I met up with the crazy kat by the name of Matimba Chauke while working there, he is the one who gave me xiboheleri nickname because I always had my work-suit top tied up on my waist and was always crazy with the haircuts and the drip was out of this world.

Basically the meaning of xiboheleri is from Tsonga language which means to "tie"but in our  case xiboheleri simple means anyone who is killing it in any game they are part of like if you are a soccer player who is brilliant and banging goals you're certified xiboheleri hence we playing in the fashion game so we are xiboheleri in that line .

As you can see the by threaded rope on Funflava Jeans logo,that's the definition of xiboheleri in a creative format and it simple means you are killing it in the fashion game if you rocking Funflava jeans piece ,hence the slogan "We Ball So Hard " , hope a lot of people will get it right and will definitely wear Funflava jeans pieces knowing the exact meaning and the stories behind the whole thing. 


Thanks for reading, see you on the next article 

From :Fanie "Funflava "Nkuna

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