From Tlakville with love and Style issue 01 -18 April 2020

From Tlakville with love and Style issue 01         -18 April 2020 picture

FUNFLAVA "How I changed my own working suits into skinny jeans "  know more !!!!!

I just completed my matric in 2010 ,then obviously  was mad about going to varsity but sh**t was crazy didn't apply early so we had to queue up for late applications in different colleges in Johannesburg  ,to tell you the truth I didn't know what I wanted to do at tertiary, cos I had a lot in my mind I loved radio, TV, fashion etc and at 18 was already thinking about creating my own brands ,bear in mind that it was January 2011 we pushed until mid February  without getting any space at the collleges/varsities we were even thinking about looking for a part job for what they call a gap year. 

A month later my big brother applied one for me ,they hit me up for an interview and it was successful ,on the spot was given the work wear suits and the safety shoes which it was my perfect size ,bro was so obsessed with fashion and the whole isbujwa combos were at the Peak,  skinny jeans were the thing around that time I ran to the tailor guy before my starting date  told him to turn my suits into skinny jeans, come Monday on my first day the supervisor asked me in zulu he was like "uzo sebenza or uzo qula"translated as like are you here to work or to perform. Before I was even introduced to the team then every body laughed at me, I can still remember we were at the team talk ,believe me or not 3 months later half of the team turned their bootleg work wear suits into skinny jeans, that's where I realized I can do anything I want but fashion has to be an ultimate goal but Shout out to the company man,i Iearned a lot from them still today I used some of the experience I have earned there.


    Thanks for reading :see you on the next article 

    From Tlakville with love and style issue 01: 18 April 2020

    By Fanie "Funflava "Nkuna



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